Founded by V. Duwane Ledbetter, Russellville Paranormal Investigation is dedicated to providing clients with honest and truthful paranormal investigative services. However, simply digging up information and tracking down hoax's doesn't cut it. . A lot more goes into being a respected and sought after paranormal investigative agency. And as things go, we are absolutely one of the top in the game.

 Over the years we've handled hundreds of cases for private citizens, and major corporations, getting them the information and needed evidence for which they truly needed. Our team has proven we've got the skills and savvy clients need.

History of the RPI

 The history about the Russellville Paranormal Investigation Organization is still being processed through our historian. As soon as the information has been completed it will be uploaded to this section of the RPI website.

 Thank you for your support, interest, and devotion to all things Paranormal!

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 The Russellville Paranormal Investigation, LLC organization is the one paranormal organization that provides trained and professional experts in the field of the paranormal unlike the other groups that provide what they term as being a 'Ghost Hunter'. We do not hunt for ‘Ghosts’; we investigate the paranormal events that you may be experiencing in your home and/or business.

 RPI is a group of investigators that collect data from their investigations for future references of anomalies; (i.e. noises, apparitions, moving objects, shadows) things that seem to be paranormal activity, but possibly have a different explanation. RPI Investigators train on the equipment that is used for the search of paranormal activity. The search for the proof of any and all dealing with the paranormal phenomenon that can be caught on voice recorders, cameras, meter readings and any other physical evidence that we can capture during our investigations. With this type of information will help with the skeptics of parapsychology and possibly open up their minds to a more positive nature of possibilities. RPI investigations are not to rule out that what is being seen or heard is not a paranormal activity, but to rule out all explanations that it is not caused naturally in nature or by man-made objects. The paranormal activity, ghost phenomena, shadow figures, clawing sounds, chills for no reason, all these things are what RPI is trying to help other researchers collect data needed to prove that parapsychology studies of these activities are happening now and will continue.

  • Do you think you need help in understanding what is happening to you?
  • Would you or anyone you know like to speak with someone that would understand your concerns?
  • RPI Investigators are here to listen to your concerns and to offer help in any way possible to you.

 The RPI team is concerned about what is happening to you, your friends, and your family.

 RPI investigators train on every piece of equipment used in our investigations. The training includes, but not limited to:

  • Reading materials
  • Testing of material with a passing score of 85% or better
  • Operation of investigative equipment
  • Tested on all investigative equipment operations
  • Trained for visual anomalies from audio, video, and photographic evidence
  • Research (Historical and Modern)
  • Safety issues
  • Trained in privacy of information and contracts
  • Integrity for client, company, and themselves

 RPI and its investigators are always searching for new knowledge on ways to perform research within the field of parapsychology, training on equipment and research of possible new equipment or updates to older versions.

 Questions to answer if you are interested in finding out more:

                     Good vs Evil!

 Do you believe that there is such a thing?

  • Which is your belief?
  • Do you know what they each really mean?
  • Do you think that a place is evil because someone that lived there was?
  • Are you afraid of the dark?
  • Are you afraid of light?
  • Do you think shadow people are real?
  • Have you ever been in a room and heard a child say your name when you are the only one in the room?
  • Do you think if a person dies and they was never seen without a certain object like a car, toy plain or even a pen, that if you have that object the spirit will contact you?

 The RPI team is concerned about what is happening to you, your friends, and your family.

 Haunted buildings are typically depicted as old buildings, but creepiness isn’t generated by the age of a structure. Cozy old log homes and farm houses radiate a warm charm. And even if they were haunted, you would expect the resident spirits to be warm and charming, too. The creep factor of a structure is, however, directly proportional to its design and purpose for its construction. Anything inspired by the Victorian era is always spooky. The Victorian era was chock full of creep. Jack the Ripper was filling the streets of London with blood, and Edgar Allen Poe was sitting just on the edge of sanity while writing about ravens and catacombs. Easily the creepiest period in history. It may be a form of type casting, but anything inspired by British culture from the years 1837 to 1901 always gets the nod for a likely haunting. The building I was in on this oppressively humid August night was built just outside the years of that Victorian era, but it had the creep factor in spades. Though it didn’t look Victorian, it had other criteria. It was large — five stories counting the morgue — but really, we can stop right there when assessing creepy criteria.

 A morgue in the building means you don’t need other criteria. A morgue in the building trumps even Victorian era design. A morgue means the creepy scale is maxed out. Accompanying me in the building were 15 or so other curious souls – this was the count for souls still in bodies anyway – and we were looking for evidence of souls without bodies under the guidance of Reverend V. Duwane Ledbetter Jr. Duwane is the founder of Russellville Paranormal Investigation LLC. Duwane is a man searching for the truth. Read More HERE!

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 Our Mission 

 The RPI is a non-profit organization and the premier provider for your paranormal investigations. Our goal is to treat every human and spirit with the utmost respect, understanding, compassion, and love that we would want showed to us from them. To teach and educate our clients about the importance of what they may be experiencing, from the initial contact, throughout the investigation, and to be there when they need help understanding the paranormal.

 The RPI investigators are also here to help the spirits cross-over or move on if they feel stuck or just don’t know how to move on from this world to the next. RPI investigators also pledge to always learn, train, and educate themselves on new techniques, equipment and procedures so that our clients always receive the premier reliability service that eases their minds. Because we hold such a high quality of professionalism for our clients, our investigators are among the best in the paranormal science business.

 Our goal to our client is always ....

 Promote No FEAR by Doing No HARM

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