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Jane Barrett - BIOHi! My name is Jane Barrett and I’ve lived most of my life here in the River Valley. I have a Master of Science degree in speech-language pathology, and enjoying my work in the schools.

 I became interested in paranormal science around 2005. After watching some popular TV shows, I found it fascinating! I’ve always been spiritually open to what is out there, with a healthy degree of skepticism. An experience that happened to me in Eureka Springs, AR, in the summer of 2013, increased my interest even more.

 Joined the Russellville Paranormal Investigation 2014 to further explore what is out there among us!

Carol LeMay - BIO | My name is Carol LeMay and I was born in 1963 in Poteau, Oklahoma. My parents are Ernie & Norma LeMay. After graduation of high school, I moved to California. I started out as an airport delivery service person for a company called Luxe Livery in Anaheim, California. Realizing this was not getting me anywhere fast; I joined the United States Army at the age of 23. After spending five years in the service with one tour to Germany and a veteran of the Desert Storm Gulf War I left the military, came back to Arkansas where I became pregnant with my only child at the age of 32. My son was born in 1995. After he was born, we moved from Fort Smith, Arkansas to Russellville, Arkansas in 1996 where I started working at one of the businesses in town where I still work today. Met and married my current husband Billy in 2011 then we moved to Plumerville, Arkansas along with our three dogs Molly, Toby, and Cee Cee. Joined the Russellville Paranormal Investigation 2015. CPI-2015.

Cheryl Stapf - BIOHello, my name is Cheryl Stapf and I have lived in the River Valley area now for twenty-two years. I am a B.S.E. degreed preschool teacher and owner by day. In my free time, I am a paranormal investigator usually at night and on weekends. I live with my husband of thirty-five years and work with my daughter at our preschool during the week.

 I have always been interested in the paranormal sciences. About eight years ago, I began investigating different areas around where I live. I have experienced what I call “Entergy”; some call it spirits, or ghosts interacting with me while utilizing an EMF meter. I would not classify myself as a believer in ghosts or spirits, more of a skeptic, but I have had personal encounters that could not be explained by other means than to say it must have been paranormal. I joined Russellville Paranormal Investigations because I wanted to join with other professional investigators to find the “truth” about paranormal phenomenon. It is a field of science that holds many mysteries. In fact, the belief in ghosts has been around over 4,000 years (Wilson, 2012). Yet researched paranormal phenomenon is unable to provide convincing evidence for the existence of any psychic phenomena after more than a century of research. In my opinion that is what makes the paranormal sciences more attractive….that some happenings may not have a basis in founded science, but yet are felt in our “soul”.

 Joined the Russellville Paranormal Investigation 2014.

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James Wardlow

V. Duwane Ledbetter - BIO | Hello, I am Duwane Ledbetter and I am the founder of the Russellville Paranormal Investigation, LLC organization. I have my PhD in Philosophy, specializing in Paranormal Science. I am a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science, in Florida.

 I have been interested with the paranormal since an early age, but was never able to discuss anything remotely abnormal in nature. Growing up in the NW part of Arkansas between the 1970's into the late 1980’s I witnessed many things that could not be explained; things like cattle mutilations, missing time, feeling of floating away, cuts and bruises not able to account for. Pictures falling off walls without breaking, and even objects stopped inches above coil-oil lamps then move away before dropping to the floor

 Founded the Russellville Paranormal Investigation in 2012. CPI—2014.